Blend Your UC Strategy with IT: 5 Things Buyers Should Consider

May 20, 2016 / GuidesFor Team

Investing in UC solutions does not end when you get the check. In fact, as soon as you get your tools in place, the pressure is shifted to the shoulders of your IT guys; of course, they have to make sure the investment remains worthwhile. 

Courtney Senior of Exinda drives the point further:

“In a recent survey, we discovered that 60% of IT professionals attribute Quality of Experience issues as the main factor impacting ROI of their UC investment. The whole point of Unified Communications is to help employees communicate and collaborate across the enterprise in hopes of boosting productivity and driving business success. But as I’m sure you can relate, when the tool you’re using to make your job easier, ends up making your job more difficult, it’s easy to throw it to the wayside. Dropped calls, choppy audio, that annoying little echo during a videoconference, are all contributing factors that impede employee adoption.”

With that said, UC buyers need to look past the features, cost, and customer service, and also consider how their IT team will be managing this technology in the long run. Key questions to ask would be:

– How do we make sure we maintain good QoE (and adoption)?

– What are the network issues that we need to prepare for?

– How will this UC solution perform alongside other existing applications?

– And what about bandwidth?

This blog post is a must-read for UC buyers. Follow the link below to discover how you can skip the common IT woes on your way to becoming a UC-powered business. – Hanna Sanchez


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