How Unified Communications Can Lessen Your Employees’ Work-Related Stress

July 19, 2016 / GuidesFor Team

While the workplace has evolved much over the years, the amount of responsibilities and expectations for employees has not changed very much. Despite all the automation present among businesses today, a significant number of employees remain stressed and dissatisfied. Notably, one of the most notorious causes of stress is something very simple — correspondence.

Studies have proven that employees who are not stressed and who maintain a great work-life balance are actually 12% more productive than those who are perennially stressed about their jobs, according to Lisa King of CoreDial. It is quite fortunate, then, that stressors which are business-related, such as answering emails out of the office, are easily addressed by advancements such as Unified Communications.

UC is designed to streamline the communication channels of your business, making it far easier for your employees to communicate with you and your customers without much effort. They can do this using a wide range of compatible devices too, further lessening the stress associated with an aspect of a business that is as basic as correspondence. — Peter de Jesus

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