UC, Artificial Intelligence, and Mobile Apps Would Drive Tomorrow’s Business Communications

July 19, 2016 / GuidesFor Team

Unified Communications is particularly useful for businesses since it utilizes the best of what technology could offer. Today, UC is gaining traction due to the integration of technological innovations such as A.I. and the use of mobile apps. Indeed, a large number of businesses currently utilizes them on an everyday basis, as part of the enterprise’s UC framework.

Thomas Claburn from Information Week asserts that it is quite fortunate that modern businesses do not really have any shortages when it comes to the available channels for communication. Unified Communications is a great example of this, with customer-focused apps and multi-platform correspondence applications being used every day.

What is particularly interesting is that UC is set to improve even more, as the advent of A.I.-driven technologies begins pushing a new generation of communications between businesses and their all-important clientele. — Peter de Jesus

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