Wanna Unlock the Potential of UC? Try Fiber Optics

July 19, 2016 / GuidesFor Team

Mobile communication is growing more prolific by the day, with more and more aspects of a business’ operations being transacted through portable, internet-ready devices. This is especially true among enterprises utilizing Unified Communications, as the applications of the technology’s numerous innovations rely largely on internet connectivity.

This is where services such as Google’s Project Fi come in. Though the service itself is still in its early stages, the technological background of Project Fi is solid, especially since it is personally handled by Google itself. As Xavier Harding of Popular Science notes, the wireless mobile internet service is poised to change the mobile-driven internet access landscape, with its aggressive pricing and very attractive feature set.

Since Google’s Project Fi is undergoing expansion, even branches of businesses outside of the United States could benefit from the service. With wireless internet service as formidable as Project Fi, it would not be a surprise if UC experiences a massive surge in prominence. — Peter de Jesus

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