Why UC Is the Best Form of Communication for the Digital Age

April 6, 2018 / GuidesFor Team

We have arrived at the time of great connectivity. We are now enjoying numerous ways to connect to one another. There are now a number of platforms that can be used to execute business processes and transactions. This age has even brought us a modern workplace where functionality meets agility. Yet, there are still some that struggle due to the lack of a Unified Communications system.  

A Unified Communications (UC) is a system that unifies different communication channels to efficiently send messages at the right time, no matter where the recipient is, and no matter what device he’s using. It allows the whole organization to be mobile while speeding up the business processes, as well as increasing employee productivity.

UC is the solution to challenges involved in slow communication and disorganized collaboration. One central platform makes it easier to control all business communication channels such as video conferences, emails, text messages, voice calls, and instant messages. Workers can swiftly exchange ideas through any tool of choice within a single platform. It’s also cost-effective because the level of employee productivity will definitely increase, and there would no longer be a need to subscribe to multiple software providers offering different communication tools.  A survey showed that 81% of UC users reported faster decision making, while another 88% reported that their problem solving became faster; , meanwhile, 97% participants said that UC  improved collaboration.

UC answers the need for mobility. The demographic of the current workforce is predominantly millennial, and this generation prioritizes work mobility and flexibility. The working environment is perceived to be ideal if it allows or encourages a work/life balance. Now, more than ever before, it is attainable to work efficiently without sacrificing one’s personal life. Shifting work hours, working remotely, and the use of own device are some ways that help workers achieve this balance. UC equips a company for these.  As UC streamlines communication, workers don’t need to be tied to their office desks anymore. Companies that also prioritize mobility and flexibility will surely attract the millennial workforce.

Ease of use is a growing trend in UC nowadays according to Information Age. The main idea is to let workers use the tools instantly even without extensive training. The interface should be made friendly enough to give the users quick familiarity so they could start being more productive. File-sharing of documents and other data is also made more manageable under one platform.  

Current digital workplace practices can benefit from UC integration through reinforced communication and collaboration. Although this may just be one platform, it can be a key to unlocking a business’ true potential. Workers with the right tools will be more productive, more creative, and more at ease in working for their company. The implementation of UC will surely help companies thrive in the digital age.

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